MR Group Acquires ModuSpec from Vysus Group

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Integrated services - intelligent solutions

From well to rig

The MR Group consists out of a unique collection of specialized businesses delivering global expertise from Well to Rig. We focus on the integrity of the Well, the well control systems and the drilling rig itself.

In an interview, Duco de Haan, CEO MR Group, explains how the MR Group delivers their unique Integrated Solutions

The Oil and Gas industry is facing more complex challenges; delivering complex wells, using highly sophisticated equipment in a business environment that requires a continuous drive to reduce costs, and this is to be delivered by a workforce that must acquire new knowledge and maintain the right level of competence to deliver on these challenges.

The MR Group is determined to assist in these complex challenges by a holistic approach offering integrated services delivering:

1. Asset Integrity

Safeguarding operational and asset integrity through specialist industry training. Leveraging data and digital technologies to assess and monitor asset integrity.

2. Performance Optimization

Pursuing operational performance improvement by mitigating identified risks, enhancing competency and leveraging new technology.

3. Complex Wells

Training and crew familiarisation with MPD, HPHT, and geothermal operations. Well engineering specialist expertise and support.

4. Internal Efficiency

Enhancing the internal organisation, optimising internal business processes.

The MR Group is a vertical integrated company operating through various brands that provide specialist services across the Upstream Oil and Gas value chain.

Part of the MR Group

rig inspections
rig inspections

Global rig and equipment inspections. ModuSpec has a pool of 150+ surveyors around the globe, all with a minimum of 15 years on-site experience.
Our inspections expertise covers Mechanical, Electrical, Marine and Well Control equipment, including niche capabilities like MPD equipment.

Specialist Resources
Specialist Resources

Specialized in complete project support during new build, refurbishment, upgrade and reactivation of drilling rigs, with a legacy that goes back to 2006.

well engineering
well engineering

Well engineering and advisory company, covering Oil & Gas, Geothermal, Salt and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects.
We have a pool of industry experts around the world, often with Operator experience and MSc. level background.


Well Academy is a training institute for the energy industry, founded by industry professionals with a passion to improve performance.
We have developed and delivered innovative training solutions and have been industry pioneers in introducing scenario well control training incorporating Human Factors.

well control equipment specialists
well control equipment specialists

ModuSpec Deepwater Subsea is specialized in downtime reduction, safety, and compliance of Well Control Equipment Systems. Covering Manufacturing Oversight, Inspection, In Between Well Maintenance (IBWM) Oversight, Digital Pressure Testing and Real Time Monitoring (RTM) of BOP’s and Drilling Equipment .
ModuSpec Deepwater Subsea has a state of the art RTM control centre in Houston to remotely monitor drilling rigs and has 60+ Subsea Engineers around the globe.

Providing global expertise, from well to rig